Passion Turned Into Best Coffee in the world…

In the las 10 years cofffee market in Costa Rica has changed, the especiality coffees add more value to each cup you drink, the work, the experience and dedication of thousands of people its been eclipsed by big coffee companies and intermediaries, now from CoffeeTarrazuShop.com you can contact direct with the farm and plantation that you want to…

Specialty Coffee comes from unknown farmers in Tarrazú

Tarrazú families are making the change little by little to connect directly with their customers and improve their profits and benefits as well as provide a differentiating coffee quality in each microbeneficiation.

By delivering coffee to large cooperatives in the area such as COOPETARRAZU and Café BRITT, they become just another supplier, thus losing a valuable opportunity to stand out and provide their consumers with that differentiated experience that they know they are capable of offering.


Imagen tomada de https://feriadelcafe.co.cr/

Frailes Coffee Fair 2024

Image taken from: https://feriadelcafe.co.cr/ The charmin aroma of freshly roasted coffee, the lively bustle of…

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