Where to buy Costa Rican Coffee? – Specialty coffee tarrazu

If you’re a coffee lover, you’re probably familiar with Costa Rican coffee. Costa Rica is known for producing some of the world’s finest coffee beans, thanks to the country’s ideal climate and fertile soil. So, where can you buy Costa Rican coffee? Here are some options to consider.


We are a shopping website and magazine dedicated specifically to Costa Rican specialty coffee in the Tarrazu region. It is the best option due to the strict selection of our coffees, in addition to the fact that there are no intermediaries in your purchase, which guarantees the extremely low price since you buy it directly from the producer. In this way, the producers receive all the benefits of their hard work and the buyers enjoy the purest specialty coffee from Costa Rica.


1-Best price

2-Direct contact with producers

3-Selection criteria

4-In-depth knowledge of who you buy from


2.Costa Rican coffee farms

If you’re traveling to Costa Rica, you can visit one of the many coffee farms and buy coffee directly from the source. Many of these farms offer tours where you can learn about the coffee-making process and taste the coffee before you buy it. Some popular coffee farms include Doka Estate, Cafe Britt, and Hacienda La Minita. But a pro trick is to fin a micro mill or a small farm dedicated to produce specialty coffee and live the original experience, you can find many of them in Premium Coffee Shop – coffeetarrazushop

3.Specialty coffee shops

Specialty coffee shops often carry a variety of high-quality beans, including Costa Rican coffee. These shops often have knowledgeable baristas who can help you choose the best coffee for your taste preferences. Some popular specialty coffee shops that carry Costa Rican coffee include Blue Bottle Coffee, Intelligentsia Coffee, and Stumptown Coffee Roasters.

It depends of where you are located

4.Online retailers

If you can’t travel to Costa Rica or visit a specialty coffee shop, you can still buy Costa Rican coffee online. There are many online retailers that sell Costa Rican coffee beans, including Amazon, Whole Foods, and Coffee Tarrazu Shop. Be sure to read reviews and check the source of the coffee to ensure you’re getting high-quality beans.

5.Costa Rican supermarkets

If you’re in Costa Rica, you can buy Costa Rican coffee at local supermarkets. Some popular supermarket chains in Costa Rica that carry coffee include Walmart, Supermercados La Colonia, and Automercado. You can also find Costa Rican coffee in souvenir shops and at the airport.

In conclusion, there are many options for buying Costa Rican coffee, whether you’re in Costa Rica or not. Whether you buy directly from a coffee farm, a specialty coffee shop, an online retailer, or a local supermarket, be sure to choose high-quality beans for the best coffee experience.

Costa Rican coffee is known for its bright acidity, balanced flavor, and clean finish. The country’s unique microclimates, which range from mountainous regions to coastal areas, produce a diverse range of coffee flavors. Some of the most popular varieties of Costa Rican coffee include Tarrazú, Tres Ríos, and Poás.

When buying Costa Rican coffee, it’s important to look for high-quality beans that have been roasted correctly. Coffee roasters play a critical role in bringing out the best flavors of the coffee beans. Look for roasters who use specialty-grade coffee beans and roast them in small batches for optimal freshness.

Finally, it’s worth noting that Costa Rican coffee is often grown using sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Many Costa Rican coffee farms prioritize environmental conservation and use methods such as shade-grown coffee and organic farming techniques. By buying Costa Rican coffee, you can support sustainable coffee production and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee at the same time.

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