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Direct contact with premiun Tarrazu coffee producers

Passion Turned Into Best Coffee In The World…

We have collect the best 15 specialty coffee of Tarrazu Costa Rica

We have collected the 15 best Tarrazu origin denomination coffees so that you can contact the farmers directly without intermediaries. From the farms to your table or coffee shop, live the experience of the best specialty coffee in the world…

A coffee whose process is controlled 100% by tarrazu women

E & F coffee is an extremely interesting coffee microbeneficiation due to the nature of its operation in addition to its very high quality coffee, take a look.

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La Cumbre coffee

We are a family business, located in San Marcos from Tarrazú, Costa Rica, through strategic alliances we provide comprehensive solutions for the most demanding coffee markets, producing, industrializing and marketing specialty coffees in a sustainable and innovative way…

Haug coffee

We are producers and we have our own microbeneficiation. This means that we control the quality of our coffee from its cultivation until it reaches your hands. Haug is grown in the coffee-growing region of Tarrazú, Costa Rica…

+506 84252271

Bürejäke coffee

Being the fourth generation of a family dedicated to coffee farming, we produce coffee in a sustainable way with the environment, and with export quality. The coffee comes from the mountains of Tarrazú, Costa Rica, at altitudes of 1,400 meters to 1,700 meters above sea level.

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Denomination of origin

The Tarrazu denomination of origin guarantees one of the best qualities of specialty coffee in the world

Eviroment care

Coffee grown with the best practices of enviromental sustainability and community development

Without intermediaries

Contact directly with the production farms that interest you either based on its price, quality, height or its history

“It´s the time for coffee producers to have direct contact with the consumers and everyone can enjoy the benefits of this relationship.”

Ing. Alberto Navarro
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