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Café Don Cayito has its origin in a family. We are the Calderón-Castillo Family from Santa María de Dota, Costa Rica. Born and raised in this land of coffee farmers par excellence where we have grown coffee for generations. Thanks to coffee farming we have forged the sustenance of the whole family, by giving -at the beginning- the coffee cherries to a coffee mill to be processed.

In 2009, Ricardo and Lourdes together with their children: Lizeth, Diego, Michael and Fernanda, we decided to start a new adventure: to open our own micro mill to process our coffee and dedicate ourselves to the quality of the coffee. A bet on the future in the unpredictable market of international coffee prices and the many challenges that it brings to grow this plant. That’s how our micro mill was born: Los Angeles, located also in Santa María de Dota.

Our entire family is involved in the processing of coffee: some are dedicated to the plantation and others to the milling, quality control, managing, sales and marketing.

Little by little, the quality of our coffee begin to make its way in the international markets and we were able to make connections with buyers interested in bringing high quality coffee to their countries.

In 2011 one of our lots obtained the first place at the Costa Rica Cup of Excellence contest. We have repeated this achievement this year (2018)! This continues to open the doors for us to very exigent markets like Japan and USA.

But besides having a great success in the international market, we also want to make all this effort and love that we put in to our coffee available to the consumers in Costa Rica and that is why, we roast and make our coffee accessible to those who live in our country.


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