It is our pleasure to introduce our coffee that differs from the others for being a specialty coffee. A coffee that is selected from seed, place of cultivation, keeping at I take care of its flowering, growth and maturation.

Darujo, was born in 2017, as a family project with the idea of give added value to the product, benefiting and producing excellent coffees, taking advantage of our geographical position, and the same time, the experience acquired over more than 40 years, this has helped us achieve the best assistance and the due maintenance of the coffee, an attempt is made to end the process, guaranteeing our client the traceability and transparency of the same.

Our coffee is located at an altitude of approximately 1600-2000 meters above sea level. The coffee processes that are handled are natural, washed and honey.

Plantations get their due assistance during the rainy season (May – November). During the dry season (December – May) the work of harvesting the fruit is carried out between 15 to 20 people. When the fruit has reached its optimum level of ripening, is carefully selected and taken to its respective process to be dried at sun, 100% worked by hand guaranteeing the quality of it.





15 Best by ICAFE

Selected as one of the best 15 specialty coffees in the Tarrazu region

We guarantee the best quality coffee with denomination of origin tarrazu for your own brand or your cafeteria. Since tarrazu coffee is known throughout the world and even more so if it is considered specialty coffee from

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