The La Chumeca Microbeneficio was born at the end of 2014, in San Pablo de León Cortés, where Martín Ureña Quirós and his family had the task of seeking to improve the treatment and work that is given to coffee, as an initiative for new opportunities for business and activity that helps the motivation and development of each exercise that must be carried out to produce each coffee bean.

La Chumeca, a word known by different people, but many of them associate it with affection, love and memories. It is very common to observe that the parents of a girl or boy with brown or dark skin call them chumeca or chumeco respectively. Martín’s aunt, América Quirós Sánchez, is a case of the signs of affection from her husband who always called her Chumeca. In this way, the name of Chumeca was born to become a place for natural coffees.

Chumeca has been a very traditional and natural word regarding its meaning, in the same way as the natural drying with which Chumeca has specialized since 2014. Natural drying has been a process that originated in Africa and has many characteristics, as well as variables to control the development of the grain.

The natural drying gives life to each moment that the coffee is in the African beds. When the color change of the coffee is observed, it generates motivation and high expectations of the harvest, as well as the results in the cup, for example, when tasting the husk, it gives flavors that help predict the cup of that coffee, whether it is natural or with a fermentation process.

La Chumeca began experimenting with fermentation processes with one-trunk valdes in 2016 to now have 16 stainless steel containers of 12 trunks each. This fermentation process went through several phases where it was determined to work with combinations of anaerobic and aerobic fermentations with variables such as temperature, pH and Brix degrees.

Given the collection of information and the data generated, two fermentation processes were determined, the 777 and the Capulinero. The 777 process is a combination of aerobic and anaerobic fermentation where the optimum temperature and pH of the coffee are measured to find the acidity and balance of flavors, as well as the difference in Brix degrees in the fruit, at the time of entry and exit of the coffee. the containers for the regulation of the process.

On the other hand, the Capulinero process (name given by an endemic bird of Costa Rica), can be called triple process because it combines the two previous fermentations, but in three times with the purpose of first potentiating sweetness and aroma, then acidity and last the balance and body of the coffee. Due to the fermentation that coffee undergoes, the natural drying process must be intense in the first 4 to 6 days and then, when the pulp is already more dehydrated, the coffee goes through slow drying to potentiate the balance and sweetness.

Capulinero Colilargo (Ptiliogonys caudatus)

Drying is an important part in the development of coffees, but the great secret has been planting and harvesting, given that the Brix degrees with which they work have been the result of good maturation and good handling of harvesting. giving uniformity in drying and flavor.

In the same way, all the development that is carried out in La Chumeca has the objective of potentiating the skills that are to be carried out in order to obtain innovation, characterization, modifications and motivations to continue working hand in hand with nature each year. In this way, we support baristas, who are those who communicate the work done by producers, where we have participated in 3 national barista competitions consecutively since 2019, obtaining second, third, fourth and sixth place in different years; as well as in the World Barista Championship that has been participated in on one occasion.

Each work that is carried out in La Chumeca, from the plantation to the coffee preparation process, seeks to give the best of each one of those involved since the coffee activity is a passion, an infinite knowledge, a joy, a motivation and a way of life that is wonderful, that’s why you always work giving 50% love and 50% passion.

50% Passion

50% Love

15 best by ICAFE

Selected as one of 15 best especialty coffees of Tarrazu region.

Ecologycal blue flag

4 stars in ecologycal blue flag program Costa Rica.

Rainforest alliance

From fighting deforestation and climate change.


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Capulinero Process

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